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  • To inculcate digitally righteous knowledge to the society by imparting world class forensic education to students, lawyers, Legal Professionals., Law enforcement officers etc.
  • To make the center, techno-legal centre of excellence for forensic education, research and consultancy services.
  • To carry out research and development in forensic science, crime scene investigation, and digital and cyber forensics.
  • To support the law enforcement agencies and Judiciary in criminal investigation process, by strengthening the frameworks and paradigms of Forensic science to legally admit table in any justice delivery system.


  • To emerge as a global think-tank of forensic education & research that will lead to the improvisation of evidence based Justice Delivery system globally.
  • To facilitate affordable world class forensic education through training, projects, research and investigation.
  • To create conducive environment that foster evidence based critical thinking amongst students and faculty.
  • To inculcate ethical values and encourage scientific temperament amongst the students and professionals.
  • To enhance infrastructure, technology and ICT facilities and maximize capacity building of the students in the field of Forensic Sciences


Mandate of the center is to carry out research and development in forensic science, crime scene investigation and digital and cyber forensics.

The Center shall be focusing on some verticals such as

  1. Capacity Building & Awareness Generation
  2. Cyber Security Assurance
  3. Cyber Forensic & Investigation
  4. Conducting academic programs like Advance Diploma, Bachelors, Masterate and Ph.D. in Cyber security and Forensic Sciences, and Domain specific programs with short term and long terms certifications.
  5. Research & Development, Advisory and Advocacy on Techno - Legal frameworks and Forensic Tool Kits .


Associate Professor
Ph : +9140 – 23498213
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Technical Coordinator

B. Md. Irfan
System Analyst
Ph : +9140 – 23498113
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