Cyber Forensics

In a murder case, the police found a broken mobile phone near the dead body which would have been intentionally damaged by the culprits to destroy the evidence after committing the crime. The DIG of Police, Crime Branch of a state in North India sent the mobile phone to Truth Labs for retrieval of data to find out any clues relating to the murder and the data could be retrieved after getting the hardware fixed through strenuous efforts.

A Director of one of the top MNCs was receiving threatening emails from unknown sources. Truth Labs could retrieve the origin of the email from the header details and was traced to one of the leading hotels in South Delhi that has led to further investigation.

An international drug smuggling racket was exposed by the Police of one of the Western India States based on the data retrieved from the mobile phones seized from the suspected smugglers from different countries. Forensic examinations conducted on the seized computers having interactive voice communications and text data communications revealed that some of the Departmental Officers were also involved in the huge racket unearthed based on the data retrieved by Truth Labs experts.

A case of fraudulent RTGS transactions was reported by one of the leading banks in Maharashtra. The bank suspected that some of the bank account details were siphoned off from the systems of the bank. On a careful forensic analysis of the hardware and software of the bank, digital evidence of phishing emails by camouflaging the communications to have been originated form RBI was done through attachments of Trojans and keyloggers which were detected in the hard disks of the bank systems.