DNA Cases

In a rape case of a foreign national in a city in Central India, samples of blood stains, nail biting’s etc., were found from the alleged scene of offence which were cleverly dropped by the victim. Truth Labs carried out DNA analysis of the victim’s blood and other evidence of the accused for linking the victim, accused and the scene of crime and proved the rape thus facilitating the Crime Branch Police to file a charge sheet within a few days of the date of incident and the court passed a judgement convicting the accused.

A big industrialist of India suspected his daughter in law and the adopted grandchild to prove the maternal relationship to know whether the adopted grandchild could be the biological child of his daughter-in-law, as the child bears several physical and habitual resemblances and DNA analysis proved that the child was born to her from a relationship before her marriage to his son which further confirmed his doubt that she continued to have illicit sexual relationship under false pretext even after marriage.

A major communal dispute was resolved by DNA fingerprinting when it was alleged that the child of a couple belonging to forward community was swapped with a child of a backward community in a Government Hospital in a South Indian state. On the request of District Medical Superintendent Incharge of Government Hospital, Mitochondrial DNA analysis was carried out on the mothers and the children for establishing the maternal relatedness and it was found that the child was not swapped as alleged by the upper caste much to the relief of the Hospital and local authorities.