Fingerprint Casess

The case was referred by one Mr. Singh, Director of a Corporate Company, in a case of theft in their premises for examination of scene of crime. The purpose of examination was to develop the chance prints at the scene of crime, photograph them and compare them with specimen fingerprints/ palmprints of inmates and suspects. A total of fourteen chance prints were developed and photographed – first two prints from the glass pane of the rear door, third and fourth chance prints from the upper drawer of the table in the accounts room, and rest of the chance prints from the safe placed in the store room. In this case, specimen fingerprints/palmprints were taken of 45 internal persons for comparison with the chance prints. After careful and through examination and comparison of chance prints with specimen prints, it was found that the chance prints marked as ‘Q5 and Q7’ developed and photographed from the inside part of the safe door were identical with the specimen right thumb impressions of a person, who admitted his guilt much to the relief of the industrialist who believed in scientific investigation..

A case of theft in a leading IT Company was referred through a Detective Agency. In the premises of the company, valuable items were kept inside locked steel cupboards which were found missing and latent fingerprints were detected by the client. These chance prints were lifted from crime scene by Truth Labs experts along with the suspects palm prints and fingerprints and on comparison, one print matched out of the many suspects who confessed to his greed and misdeed.