Medico Legal Cases

A case of suicide converted as homicide by a Medico- Legal doctor of Govt. Hospital from north-east India was referred to Truth Labs along with the video files taken during post-mortem, observation notes made by the doctor during post-mortem, final post-mortem report, photographs taken by the police officer at the crime scene etc., obtained under the new provisions of RTI Act. A detailed and in-depth study of Truth Labs Medical Expert Board revealed the case to be a suicide and not a homicide. Based on Truth Labs report, the case was re-opened by Hon’ble High Court much to the dismay of many public servants involved in the goof-up.

A daughter of an officer of a leading nationalized bank was found dead in her PG room in a city in the North. The case was investigated by the local police and based on the post mortem report from a leading hospital and other forensic reports, the case was closed as a suicide. The case was referred for in-depth study and advice to three top notch forensic medicine experts of the country who confirmed it as a case of suicide. The father of the deceased girl who was not satisfied with the investigations carried out, approached Truth Labs and after a careful evaluation of the documents available, the Medico-legal experts of Truth Labs gave an opinion confirming it to be a case of homicide and recommended for reopening the case and investigation by higher authorities and the matter is in progress.