Polygraph Lie Detector Cases

A case of brutal murder where the deceased was found dead in his house with fatal wounds from a sharp weapon. The deceased’s wife and daughter suspected the wife of the deceased’s brother and her sons to be involved along with her brother as there were disputes between the family relating to property matters. Police referred polygraph test on all four suspects. While the wife of the deceased’s brother, one of her son and her brother agreed for the test, her other son avoided the test. Police took a lead into the investigation with this denial and reluctance and it was revealed in continuing investigative efforts of the Police that he was involved in the murder along with his friend and thereby the culprits were arrested.

A middle aged man working as a municipal counsellor of a political party in South India was found murdered in his house while he was sleeping. The Inspector of Police took up investigation and on suspicion arrested the deceased’s son-in-law and recovered Rs.9 lakhs and jewellery from his residence. The suspect stated that the money and the jewellery belong to the deceased father-in-law who had given to him for safe keeping as the deceased suspected that his wife may steal because she is a habitual stealer. Police was not convinced with his explanation. The suspect approached the Court filing an affidavit stating that he is innocent and has no intention of robbing his father-in-law’s money and jewellery as he was keeping money and jewellery in his safe custody and was ready to undergo Polygraph Test to prove his innocence. The Hon’ble High Court Judge ordered for carrying out polygraph test at Truth Labs and the results proved his innocence. Disappointed with the release of the suspect, the Police Inspector continued his efforts and after a few months succeeded in arresting the real culprits for the murder. It was finally found that the wife of the deceased, his second son-in-law and his wife along with a local advocate planned the murder and crushed the deceased head with a grinding stone and also stabbed him with a blunt knife on face and neck while he was asleep after giving him a good dose of alcohol. The Court, Police and Prosecution thus realized the importance of polygraph technique when professionally administered by qualified and trained expert of integrity.

A case was referred by North Indian Police where a lady was kidnapped from the hospital while she was undergoing treatment. The husband suspected one of his friends to be involved in the act. Polygraph test conducted on the friend revealed his involvement in the act of kidnapping and gave police a new direction for continuing investigation.

A case of rape and murder of a six year old girl was referred by police of a city in Central India for polygraph examination of a suspect who was a mutton shop owner with his shop just beside the house of the girl. The parents suspected his involvement because of the disputes between two families. Polygraph test on the suspect proved him innocent.